LED Wall for engaging visuals

MVSA Architects designed the building at Flow Houthavens. They came with the great idea to implement a large LED wall where engaging and head turning visuals can be played.

I was tasked together with Hens to create unique visuals for this LED wall. It was important to incorporate the door entrance to the elevators to that the cut-out in the LED wall would interact with the actual size of the screen. This will create a very cool look when walking along and passed this LED wall.

Below is a sample of the animations made to give an impression of the diversity that can be created for these projects. Smoke, liquids, dancing, ball room and tetris in this case. Enjoy!


Client: mvsa-architects

Building: Flow Houthavens

Colleague: Hens


What we did

  • 3D animation
  • Liquid simulations
  • Smoke simulations
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