The Voice VTM Visuals 2017

Also this year we worked together with VisualArt and FarlakeMountain to produce television visuals for The Voice of Belgium VTM. As always it is a challenging period as a lot of content needs to be produced with an extremely tight deadline every week. To complicate matters further, the pixel map was around 4K, so we also needed to produce large high quality imagery.

The Voice is always a very diverse and fun project to work on as every song and artist requires a unique animation and style. The 2 compilation videos below of the live shows will give you a good demonstration of that. This is just a small selection of the visuals that were made. In total we made around 100 unique visuals for The Voice VTM 2017!

Already looking forward to the 2018 visuals!


VTM The Voice of Belgium through VisualArt

What I did

2D Animation / Editing / 3d Animation / Post Effects

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