Need Online Ads and Social Media content?
I will make your banners, Instagram and Facebook posts.

Why Online Ads and Social Media?

With the Corona pandemic forcing people to work from home, closed stores and less social contact it is more important than ever to be found quickly and effectively online. One way to lure people to your website is through marketing campaigns with online banners or digital boards. Rather than static images I deliver engaging animations that are to the point and relevant. Hence the term Motion Marketing.

Online banners are great way to grab the viewers attention to a new product or service or to highlight a promotion. Coordinating a banner campaign together with a social media campaign creates a professional and effective medium.

Veldhuis Productions is able to deliver these products within 48 hours, at a great price and with engaging and relevant graphics.

Depending on the complexity, the delivered assets and wishes animations for social media or for banners can range anywhere from 70 euro to 500 euro for a set.

Below you can sample a few banners and social media items made for clients in the past.

Would you like to be found online with engaging ads/social media posts?