Pioneer Navgate Commercial

A 3d animated commercial for Pioneer Navgate. This animation really shows off the possibilities of 3D animations to explain a product. Another example of product promotion and explanimation can be found here, this is much simpler but also effective.

The variety of shots, camera movements and lighting makes this commercial stand out. It gives a clear overview of the benefits of using the Pioneer Navgate app in a creative way. Similar products are advertised here and here but have a very different effect on the audience. These animations are for explaining how to operate the product rather than sell it.
I helped create this awesome spot together with Postorgasmic Kitchen, Visualart and Mindmedicine. This project was a challenge due to the type of visuals needed and the lack of time to make it. Creative idea and commissioned by P-O-K.


Pioneer through P-O-K

What I did

Animation, this was a collective project

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